echo "Hello World"

echo “Hello World”;

Hi there, as probably you have seen, we have an unusual title for this article. Basically, it’s some PHP code who will display – Hello World – in the browser. That’s a common thing for rookie programmers who are just starting to code. They make a “hello world” application. And the code for this basic application would look like this:


echo “Hello World”;


But enough with the PHP programming. This is our first article, so you probably understand why we called it that way.

As you can see, this blog is managed by the team behind Tadamus. We decided to share some of the knowledge we gathered in the years we’ve worked for free to the community.

Talking about knowledge that we want to share, let’s do a quick list of things that we are going to talk about:

  1. Security Stuff
  2. Programming
  3. Marketing
  4. Copywriting 
  5. Social Media

And the list can go on.

Why do we want to share what we know?

Simply because we love the internet, and the internet means access to information. We got our knowledge from the internet, and it’s the time to give it back. There might be other articles about the things that we will write. But we don’t see it as a problem, more articles mean that people can access them easier and faster.

We learned these things by spending a lot of time on the forums, groups, blogs, etc. And we would like to put it all inside of a single blog for people to access so they won’t need to spend all that time to get the information.

Should you still look on the internet like we did?

Well… we can’t know everything. So you probably will have to search for what we didn’t write about, or you can just request an article for it and wait. You can do a request here. But you have to be aware that we are busy people, and we also have a lot of articles planned for this blog, even with that we can guarantee that we will read your request and if it’s a good idea we will write an article about it.

What should I do if I have some valuable information and I want to share it with your readers?

You can just send us an email at [email protected]. You have to understand the following rules before sending:

  • No backlinks, we do not accept any external links if they are not needed
  • Minimum of 1000 words
  • Watch your language
  • Provide a good quality featured image
  • Include [request] in the title of the email, otherwise, our spam filter will flag your email

That would be pretty much it!

We are hoping that this blog will help as many people as possible. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions!

And don’t forget, if you ever want an expert to take care of the things we teach you instead of you. You can always contact us at Tadamus and we will be happy to help you.